Innovatiebeurs – 13.10 C-Mine Genk

‘Get of your island! ‘ is this year’s slogan of the Innovatiebeurs, a match making event between industry and Flemisch research centers. Visit this  innovation happening with a guided tour of the 5 theme islands:

·      Construction, environment, energy, chemistry
·      Care, agro, food, liefetech
·      Creative technologies
·      Business
·      Make industry and logistics

The KU Leuven Association is represented by Odisee, Vives, Luca, UCLL, Thomas More, Technovation Hub and KU Leuven. The Associatie Universiteit-Hogescholen Limburg is present at each of the 5 theme-islands. The Antwerp University Association has 3 booths showing innovative technologies and UGent  showcases the research consortium Durabuild Materials at the island ‘Construction, environment, energy and chemistry’. As strategic partners of Flanders Make, the VUB research groups B-PHOT, BRUBOTICS and MOBI present innovations  on the theme island ‘Make industry and logistics’.