5 Flemish universities reveal innovative state-of-the-art biotech research at Knowledge for Growth 2019


5 Flemish universities reveal innovative state-of-the-art biotech research at knowledge for growth 2019

No less than 25 technologies in drug screening, therapy development, MedTech, digital health and AI will be showcased or pitched by the five Flemish universities at Europe’s leading life sciences conference in Ghent. This is the perfect opportunity to get access to knowledge and technology developed at top-notch university labs ready for investment or licensing.

TTO Flanders is a joint initiative of the Ghent University, University of Antwerp, KU Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Hasselt University. The technology transfer offices (TTOs) of these institutions are responsible for the transfer of knowledge and technology from universities and associated university colleges to companies and public partners.

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During the Research-to-Business-session, researchers and business developers from all Flemish universities will pitch their projects, covering a broad scope of technological innovation, and looking for partners for further development or for potential clients.
In between speeches and round table discussions, conference delegates can visit the poster hall where the universities will present 15 academic showcases.

TTO Flanders R2B pitches:
1.     µFlow Cell - Valorization of Microfluidics (VUB)
2.     The sPDGFR-beta containing PRTA-score is a novel serological diagnostic algorithm for significant liver fibrosis (VUB)
3.     Probiotic formulations targeting the respiratory tract (UAntwerp)
4.     MinTR immunoinformatics platform (UAntwerp)
5.     APN targeting: Entry portal through the intestinal barrier (UGent)
6.     Recombinant extracellular vesicles (R-EV) as reference standard for Biofluid processing and instrument calibration (UGent)
7.     Shifting insights into the pathogenesis & treatment of PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) (KU Leuven)
8.     A profibrinolytic diabody targeting PAI-1 and TAFI for treatment of acute thrombotic disorders (KU Leuven)
9.     Regulation of phosphosdiesterase 4D (PDE4D) as a new approach to stimulate repair in multiple sclerosis (UHasselt)
10.  Early inflammation associated biomarkers as a potential diagnostic tool in chronic diseases (UHasselt) 

More details on the pitches can be found here.  

TTO Flanders Academic Showcases:
1.     Human robotics – bionic prostheses (VUB)
2.     in vitro hepatic cell model for both drug-induced liver disease (DILI) prediction and anti-NASH/NAFLD drug discovery (VUB)
3.     Bioinformatics: MutaFrame, unraveling the Human Proteome (VUB)
4.     NarcoReader: On-site accurate detection of illicit drugs (UAntwerp)
5.     Anicells – State-of-the-art manufacturing site for cell-based therapeutic products (UAntwerp)
6.     PET awake: imaging of interacting animals (UAntwerp)
7.     LumiPoreTM platform - proprietary benchtop device for state-of-the-art cell transfections (UGent)
8.     Nanodelivery expertise. Delivery is key to ensure that the full potential of an API is properly unfolded. (UGent)
9.     OhmX.Bio unravelling genome-wide maps of translated mRNA (UGent)
10.  Liquid Biopsies, Single-Cell Genomics, Whole Genome Diagnostics (KU Leuven)
11.  A zebrafish platform for toxicity assessment and neuroactive drug discovery (KU Leuven)
12.  An on-chip single B cell mining platform for rapid development of fully human therapeutic antibodies and for immunoprofiling human antibody responses (KU Leuven) 13.  Planarian stem cells as a tool for carcinogenic screening (UHasselt)
14.  Relab Measuring of functional movements with XSENS system on persons with degenerative joint problems (UHasselt)
15.  Multiple Sclerosis in vitro-to-patient toolbox (UHasselt) 

More details on the showcases can be found here.

Contact the tech offices of the five Flemish universities through the ‘Ask your question’ button at the top right.