NEW Technology offer - sFIS - A functional biomarker modality for capturing peripheral immune signalling in patients with cancer for reliable immune-stratification

The KU Leuven Laboratory of Cell Stress & Immunity (CSI) presents a first-in-class non-invasive (blood/serum-level), functional immunological screening assay to predict cancer patient survival, malignancy risk and response to therapies. This in vitro assay is based on patient serum-induced dynamic NFkB and IFN signaling in human myeloid cells as read-out of patient overall immunological status.

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The CSI lab is embedded within the Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine (CMM), at KU Leuven. The CSI lab aims to specialize in reverse translational approaches to hasten progress in immuno-oncology and help improve therapeutic outlook for cancer patients, in close collaboration with leading researchers, immunologists, and oncologists.