UGent spin-off Pxlence supplies ready-to-use PCR primers for sequencing of the human exome

Pxlence, a Ghent University spin-off company founded in February 2015, supplies ready-to-use PCR primers for sequencing of the human exome.

Pxlence is founded around the in house developed, state-of-the-art PCR primer design software package primerXL. Using this tool, almost one million PCR assays covering the entire human exome have been developed. The pxlence assays are intended for PCR amplification of patient DNA derived from both fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) material. Using the assays, any exonic region of interest can be amplified for targeted (massively parallel) resequencing or to validate variants by means of Sanger sequencing. Approximately 3000 individual assays for 200 genes have been tested in a diagnostic setting with a wet-lab success rate exceeding 95%.

Pxlence primers are shipped as ready-to-use premixes and are optimized to work at uniform PCR conditions.

Pxlence originated from the Ghent University department of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics within the Faculty of Medicine & Health science and UGent’s IOF-consortium Biomarked.